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June 23, 2023

RTFKT - The power of digital collectibles and collaboration.

RTFKT is a household name in web3, a true pioneer in generating enduring hype-driven communities, collaboration and future tech.

They have successfully bridged the digital with physical with their latest offering with the power of NIKE behind them.

From the release of the original DNA of Clone X — Takashi Murakami (RTFKT’s pfp project) with unique traits Human, Demon, Angel, Murakami etc, holders can now forge physical Nike AF1 sneakers that you get to flex on the streets!

I would be shrink-wrapping those Murakami DNA and locking them in a vault! 😂

This is one of the strongest use cases for digital collectables powered by the blockchain (NFTs).

A thriving market has already been created around the end product prior to launch with some impressive results on the secondary market — the Murakami DNA sneakers currently sitting at 4.88 ETH (roughly $10K USD), and they haven’t even been shipped to the community!

Driving the collectable side of this project is scarcity, with each DNA having varying levels of units available.

The fundamental premise of the idea is familiar — collectables in comics, sports cards, memorabilia, art toys, apparel, and sneakers have been around for decades, but what truly is unique is the verification via the blockchain, a true certificate of authentication, a thriving market place of trade that is all verifiable and the added benefit of community building.

Hopefully, this will help you understand how to leverage the blockchain’s power for your brand.

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