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April 27, 2023

ROBLOX - Limiteds

Regardless of the fact that Roblox ‘Limiteds’ are not NFTs (let’s call them digital collectibles), this is a massive step in the right direction for virtual world content.

‘Limiteds’ create a thriving creator economy and allow non-creator users to participate more actively in a marketplace.

The player can then resell the item at any price (Robux virtual currency) with an embedded 10% royalty to the original creator.

To blockchain artists, this would sound very familiar.

What does this achieve? Collectability, scarcity and trade amongst users and creators within Roblox.

One successful case of an IRL brand capitalizing on Roblox’s ability to sell limited items was Burberry, which currently has sold around 26 million Robux (~$325,000 USD) worth of a collection of digital handbags.

The handbags continue to sell and exchange hands within the platform.

Creating fun and interactivity for the players and a new revenue stream and market exposure for Burberry.

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